Monday, November 8, 2021

Celo 2021

I have posted many times on this page about my visits to my sister and brother in law who have lived on the Celo Community near Asheville North Carolina most of their adult lives. It's an unusual "intentional community" where the land is owned in a co-op and homes are built with community approval. None of this appeals to me, the sturdy individualist but it has worked very well for them. Use the search function at the top left corner of the page if you want to read more about Celo and life in the mountains.
Pretty much any time we roll up in winter they tell us they are having an unusually cold spell and here we are, with temperatures below freezing and us living contentedly in our tin box at their house. Our bed is more comfortable than the torture rack in their spare room, so there is that.
This year the colors are extraordinary as Fall has come late to the Blue Ridge mountains, so when Rusty, on his third or fourth visit was anxious to renew acquaintance with his favorite trails and smells I was ready to brave the cold to see what was what.

We parked the van by their shed which gives Rusty quick access to the woods and trails through the fallen leaves. On our first visit he was so scared of the noises in these strange woods he wouldn't go beyond the garden for the first few days. He was a long way from the alligators and mangroves and tangled roots of his familiar turf in South Florida.

Rusty running and hiding and sleeping on a busy Celo morning. He will make the most of the next few days before we tackle urban Illinois in winter.