Sunday, November 1, 2020


A few pictures I took walking around the Key West Bight waterfront one morning. I noticed in the signboard below the old and the new advertised. The White Tarpon moved to make way from Wahlburgers but apparently has new and spacious quarters nearby. The burger place is a chain owned by an actor. I think I am lazy as the only reason I can see to make money is to quit making it. I am not looking for another job after I retire, that I do know.  I don't suppose it will last long in this peculiar town.
There again my predictions in that vein always end up being wrong. Better to just keep walking and photographing.
Conch Republic Seafood in an upside down world:

Turtle Museum:
No idea what this boater was measuring. Fish I suppose.
"Old Trafford" was a surprise signpost. The Wrigley Field of soccer stadia you could say.
Henry Flagler said that were it not for Florida he would have been a rich man. Every time you put gas in the car tip your hat to the founder of the consumer oil industry, creator of Standard Oil. His railroad to Key West was a loss making labor of love in the end as traffic never paid for the line.
Modern electronics bring the movie theater into your lap at a price anyone can afford it seems.