Friday, February 23, 2018

Key West Bight

They call this place the historic seaport or some such. To me it is the Key West Bight and I doubt I shall follow the lead of the chamber of commerce and adapt to the new tourist friendly name.
The monument to the man who created this maritime mecca, Norberg Thompson at the corner of Elizabeth and Greene Streets. His vision was a commercial fishing port which has been transformed into recreational boating parking.
Lazy Way Lane is  busy offering food and dust catchers:
Kermit's invited Rusty and I inside which was very dog friendly of them.
The Bight (historic seaport) does make for a pretty walk.
Fishing is available, just walk round the boardwalk between the Galleon and Conch Republic Seafood:
Speaking of which a monochrome view of the vast spacious Conch Republic with windows open:
It's dexterity in driving and... 
...hard physical labor in the sun that keeps Key West going:
And the city makes room for the biggest truck and the smallest rental scooter:
The Bight, it is all about the commerce. Perhaps the chamber is right and it is the historic seaport.