Monday, February 26, 2018

Garden Club

I took too many photographs went I went to the Garden Club last Friday, the day of their plant sale. 
Owing to the plant sale I did not get the serene silence and empty paths I enjoy best. 
 With many ways to enjoy the space some sat and looked while I got my big FZ300 camera out.
 Hurricane Irma was not kind to one of the club's biggest trees, a giant banyan:
 I took these pictures a couple of days after Hurricane Irma landed last September:
Though the place looked quite a bit more cheerful last Friday.
 I was quite surprised to see a bunch of regular domestic plants growing happily.
 I am neither a gardener nor a botanist, as must be obvious, but I enjoy a  good garden like anyone.
 This visit was a way to remind myself that hurricanes come and go...  
 ...and to enjoy an afternoon playing with my camera.
 I got the feeling from all the chatter that most of the people there were from Up North.
 I heard one woman point out with great sadness that the growing season in Michigan is but three months long. 
 Yet one hears so many people go on about how Florida has no seasons. Suits me.
 One fly in the ointment was this Aeolian Harp made out of bamboo tied to the fence with holes poked at various spots. Aeolus was the God of Wind (of all things. Rally) and he idea is that the wind makes your "harp"play. However it droned in a piteous way and i could have done well enough without it.
 Everything is neatly labeled though I have no facility for remembering this stuff.

 This in my opinion is a real crown of thorns, prickly pear though the fruit tastes good:
 This I liked but I cannot  for the life of me remember it's name. Lets call it Fred:
 It has been windy for a while. Straight out of the east.

 This is what the Torch Keys are named for. Apparently it burns well.

What a  lovely afternoon.