Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What A Morning

I am not among those who slow down on the bridges to admire the scenery - irritating drivers! - but every day I do get to peek at the waters on either side of US 1 and the Overseas Highway lives up to its name. And when I realized I had remembered my big camera I pulled into a parking area next to Kemp Channel, the one that divides Cudjoe from Summerland, and Rusty and I took an extra walk before the real thing.
 Lately it has been extra still and extra humid but when the breeze picked up and the air lightened the big puffy summer clouds came back and the sun broke through the persistent cloud cover of weeks previously. The effect is glorious, blue skies, flat waters and not so wet that you can walk around without turning into a human sponge.
I thought the cluster of kayaks was some sort of summer camp, most likely from the Sea Scout Base nearby, and I set to pondering what the youngsters might think of a summer spent in this remarkable place. Maybe it just is where they live. I try to remember if I appreciated the physical beauty of places where I grew up and some of them were really nice, but I have no memory of thinking how lucky I was. 
 I think Rusty is a bit like that. His criteria for finding somewhere interesting beats me. He had a really good time for the span of several photographs looking hither and yon. Him with his nose me with a telephoto. 
While he was head down in the smells the other side of the highway was on fire...

 I guess the osprey on the top of that pole has a ringside view of the morning spectacle.
Then we  got on to the serious business of walking and more sniffing.  And photos of course.