Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lounging In Key West

Entering Key West these days seems like one passes an endless construction zone. Supposedly it will be done by July, but we have the winter crowds to get through first, and they will do their bit to clog the streets.

I confess it's too cold for me to go swimming anymore unless it were a calm day and a heated swimming pool. Visitors seem to suffer no such compunctions, and beaches will be crowded. Look at them, it gives me goose bumps to think of a beach day in 77 degrees.

Key West doesn't always lend itself to inward contemplation you'd think despite the abundance of yoga spaces, but this is a more reflective town than the image might suggest. Water views will do that to a human.

I walked under the bows of the Fort Myers Beach ferry, impatient passengers waiting to disembark, for their day at the beach.

A local lounger put their impatience to shame with his brown bag dangling by the water's edge. I have no idea what he saw in the turquoise waters beneath his feet.

You don't have to be a local to contemplate your navel in Key West. You can do it on a rented bicycle in a crisply starched t-shirt.

A tour bus driver was taking advantage of a gentle cooling southeast breeze to let him sleep in silent comfort. Not quite silent comfort...

These people, the bus's neighbor, could have learned a lesson or two from the coach driver. Their RV was buttoned up tight in the breeze with a muffler-free generator rattling like the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Their joy ride indeed, 32 weeks in and blessed with a busted muffler. As these charmers plan to visit all the national parks one can only imagine they will be leaving their mark in those natural, silent spaces with their self propelled jack hammer.

I moved on to lounge elsewhere, lots of quieter spots if you know where to look. No ice storms here.