Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer, A Time For Cannon Or Kayaks.

Memorial Day is come and gone and soon schools will be out and those families with bread winners still employed will take vacations. Till then there is parking, you can drive Highway One in the not entirely unreasonable expectation of not being held at or below the speed limit and visits to the grocery store are likely to be an easy amble among friends and less like a competitive shopping show on television.

The newspaper says the Boulevard is supposed to be finished in less than two months, but for now when I come into town I usually take Flagler to First Street to avoid interminable lines. But homeward the way out of town is usually clear on the Boulevard at six in the morning, so I use the wreckage of the main drag to start the 23 mile ride to Cudjoe Key. Which route takes me past the photo above. The cannon at the VFW post isn't actually there to test the theory that at certain times of year you can shoot it and not hit anyone. Or if it is, I've never seen it used that way.

I sought out certain pictures during my lunch break for an online game of scooter tag, which ends up seeing me taking pictures in the dark owing to my devotion to organizing the new house in daylight hours. Above the conch shell at Key West High School and below one more Cuban coffee shop, authentically Cuban, as though a corner of Havana in Habana Plaza. During the day old Cuban dudes sit and watch the world go by as they are served bucchis by another grumpy looking Cuban dude. They actually remind me of the bars in the villages of my childhood. I'd pull up on my Vespa looking for an ice cream cone and all the old Italian men would swivel their heads in unison to stare down the teenager and his noisy scooter. It's four decades later and a different continent but nothing much has changed. When I lived on a boat I did my laundry next door and they stared at me just as much. If you want a coffee shop tourists don't know it is, miles from the mainstream.

Summertime is swimming time. My neighbors, who are nice -what a concept!- tell me the canal is good for fishing and swimming. I've seen a fair number of mangrove snapper but they are safe from me as I am no angler. Desperation may one day make me a fisherman, but not yet. Robert has helped me move by loaning me his big trailer and taking my ignored boat and motor under his wing. He tells me next week we may be launching...the summer is looking good!

Cheyenne is settling into our new home and my wife is getting her kitchen organized and, did I mention it? I am looking forward to summer in the Keys.