Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sammy Creek

My wife offered to drive Rusty and I somewhere so I chose Sugarloaf as my destination, twenty minutes from Key West. 

It was a beautiful afternoon just before the arrival of the cold front so the air was hot and humid as happens before the rain that is on the leading edge of the front. 

I can’t remember the name of the lighthouse visible on the horizon and the cell signal from Verizon is pretty weak this far from the main housing subdivision but if you put American Shoal into Google maps that tiny speck shows up!  The one south of Marathon is Sombrero and Islamorada is Alligator. The newspaper reported the government wants to sell the historic structures as surplus to requirements.

I couldn’t conveniently get my walker or wheelchair out to the gazebos through the gravel but my wife spoke to the man at the table who said he came out here for the peace and quiet he couldn’t find in Key West so I suppose it was a good thing I was forced to keep my distance. 

My family walked ahead. I brought up the rear. 

And found support where I could. 

It was good to be out. And now the cold front has swept through bringing dry air and breezes it is even more so. I have no snow envy. My buddy Robert came by for lunch and mentioned he and his wife plan a trip to Utah to go skiing. The notion fills me with horror. Ice in my opinion belongs in the freezer.