Tuesday, May 15, 2012

500 Thomas Street

There's a funny old parking lot hidden behind the county court house complex.

Most people don't get to see it unless they live behind the fence that surrounds the lot and keeps Truman Annex safe from hoi polloi.

The courthouse complex is a complex place with all sorts of odd industrial stuff behind fencing for safe keeping.

I am always enamored of shade producing trees.

The fencing beneath the fencing is I think an effort to keep the Annex chicken free. Only so much Key West can be tolerated inside the community at any one time.

Nice shade.

The parking lot is a permit only county employee lot. Within tha select group there is a hierarchy.

The reserved lots keep walking to a minimum. Walking is enthusiastically portrayed as ideal exercise. But not for everyone.

More shade.

The new Freeman Building of Justice shines bright in the lowering sun. The bridge in the foreground is an anomaly. It is a bridge that crosses not too much of anything.

And there peeking over the roofline is the sleeping spire of the county courthouse.

The clock even seems to work, marking the inexorable passage of time.

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