Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vignettes XXII

My recent vacation took some organizing but luckily over 15 years of marriage I have trained my wife that I am a neurotic traveler in some respects and packing early (and often) keeps me happy. I also had to prepare a string of essays for the blog before I left. I seemed to be photographing and writing all the damned time when I could snatch a moment, and of this list of 18 ready-to-publish essays only three were reprints. I chose three essays to remind myself what I was writing about in 2007, essays that I thought still had something to say that I didn't want to redo. This was my stored entries page of my blog before I left for Italy:
This very essay I photographed and wrote on June 16th for publication today, July 5th... I love Blogger's automatic publication function!
This is summer time and the clouds are building like anvils all over the Keys every beautiful sunny afternoon:

The weather service said May was wetter than usual and it seems like we've had some heavy rain in June. So naturally the weather people's pronouncements mean the water suppliers now feel it's okay to waste more water on South Florida ornamental gardens and water restrictions have been eased. i doubt the South Florida Aquifer will thank them..

My own back yard has been looking quite luscious with all the rain. The salt ponds to the west of my house have filled up with rain water, transforming them from muddy stretches between mangroves into large reflective ponds. Here is Niles Channel Bridge in the distance:Of course all this fresh water falling everywhere means it's mosquito season again. And even I who am not susceptible to their jaws find myself getting stung if I stand still for ten seconds under the house. Mosquito Vector Control comes by all the time spraying bacillus thuringensis up and down the streets but it's an eternal battle against nature.
I don't know if it's because of the bugs or despite them but there seem to be tons of people out and about enjoying the Keys magical beauty. Big Pine Key was packed with cars and looked more like snowbird season than summer:I did get to spot a couple of motorcycles, a Road King for Alan Madding:And some dude out enjoying himself while my Bonneville was still in the shop waiting for handlebars:I was enjoying the air conditioning in my nice Nissan, thanks for asking.
Travel by boat is wonderful this time of year:All that tropical waterfront keeps attracting visitors who drive along and peer out of their windows pointing at stuff I see every day; a house on stilts:Mangroves and water:Me? I look out for brightly colored flowers even if I can't name them:
And i know this is summer if my neighbors have spare coconuts as do I. This homeowner has started the cull already in preparation for hurricane season:And over us all we see the very un-tropical mourning doves flittering around enjoying the weather while cooing wildly:The glories of summer in the suburban fastness of the Lower Keys.