Monday, March 16, 2015

Cheyenne, Traveler

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I took Cheyenne to the mainland a few days ago. It's turned hot now and walking when the sun is up is  a burden for my dog. I worry sometimes that age is creeping up on her and I watch for signs of decrepitude. She seems to be sleeping a lot more now and the vet says she is "very lively" for her age. 
With daytime highs in the mid 80s I keep her water bowl to hand and I listen for the sound of her panting, a sure sign she is in distress, because she never barks or whines.
My wife had the genius idea of putting a  fan in the back of the car to move the air around. This after she herself had to sit in the back and discovered for herself how warm it could be even with the air blasting the front seats. The result of this twenty dollar purchase is humans in the front are no longer freezing in an arctic air conditioned blast and the dog in the back no longer panting in the heat. Harmony restored.
Even though I worry about her health what I am really concerned about is how I will cope without her. When I am tired or annoyed at the world taking Cheyenne for a walk is better even than going for a motorcycle ride and were she not around I would not have that companionship. In talking about it with my wife she pointed out Cheyenne had eight tough years with a family that used her more than loved her though her retirement with us has lasted six years, a lot longer retirement than we will get, she pointed out... I dug out this old picture and thought for a moment. That was Cheyenne's predecessor Emma, a dog I got from the pound when she was two and who died of spinal cancer at age 12. She traveled with us all over the country by car, and sailed with us from San Francisco to key West putting up with all the madness of our lives. Dogs amaze me.
Cheyenne had better hang in for a couple more years. I need her around that long to get me through the next few projects of my life. In the shorter term we are going to North Carolina next week, cool air, mountain freshness and total attention all the time. She'll be sick of me fawning all over her by the time we get back to Florida.