Saturday, March 22, 2014

Horses And Scooters And Bicycles And Deer

Go on - tell me you expected to see horses strolling a Lower Keys street. Some people do bring their quadrupeds down for the winter. There are some stables on Cudjoe Key where I see horses year round, standing in the shade swatting flies idly with their tails. These two were in Eden Heights on Big Pine Key.
I was lounging with Cheyenne on No Name Key after a walk and this scooter buzzes by. So when I see an adult riding, legally without a helmet and the kid is riding pillion also properly legal with a helmet I ask myself, why? Why do parents make their kids wear helmets but don't set the example? Do as I say not do as I do is stupid. There, child-free me has said it.
No Name Key was a freeway... And then came the Spandex cyclist. And there I was lounging with my dog.
And then as we drove home I saw a herd of deer grazing in suburbia.
There is a move afoot to hold a new marathon foot race. There are so many going on all winter that you'd think one more would be hardly noticeable. But the proposed Cow Key Bridge race is going to be a hundred yards long crossing from Stock Island to Key West. I'd like to have it be run in the universal cause of Awareness. All races are an effort to raise awareness so this eminently Key West marathon should be strolled in order to raise awareness of Awareness. The good news is, on another note, that palms are back on the Boulevard. Normality returns, slowly.
I have enjoyed looking out on the waters these days. Flat vistas like this have always appealed to me. Too bad it's only 72 degrees and thus too cold to swim.
I posted a couple of pictures of my Vespa in front of a bar. My preferred drinking hole on Grinnell Street, Finnegan's Wake.
And the more famous one on Duval at Greene Streets.
And, what the hell, here's a picture of the Vespa stuck in construction traffic on the Overseas Highway.
It's time the country followed the California Highway Patrol's lead and allowed lane splitting. Then motorcycles would make traffic jams fade away. As it is sitting in the sun waiting for movement makes you wish for a roof and air conditioning.