Monday, December 16, 2019

Lanes Alleys And Colors

I couldn't help but compare the home town cemetery to the one I saw a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans. If you tried to buy and sell plots in the key West cemetery like the plots  were bitcoin on eBay I can only imagine the uproar. That's what they do in New Orleans. As the tour guide explained the bartering of graves you could have knocked me over with a  feather. Tomorrow I'm posting a page of photos from the cemetery itself.
You could have done the same to me when I was strolling past the cemetery on my lunch break. This really is a beautiful little town when you look. It's winter now so the climate is ideal, so much so people are doing their winter thing here and boy do they ever have a lot to complain about!
Now that I'm in the 911 center during daylight hours I am exposed to the full range of angry neighborhood annoyances that drive people nuts. Parking and noise and all those things that ruin the serenity. It was great to get out for an hour and cast all those things aside for a while.  Look at these colors:
When I worked nights you will remember I spent a few lunch breaks wandering around with my camera set on black and white shooting moody pictures of a Key West Sam Spade might have felt at home in. Now I'm on days I get to see purple gates and stuff like that.
My wife and I were talking about the forthcoming winter season in Key West and now that swimming season is over it's time for live plays. That's what we always hope to get done because winter visitors include players from Up North of some talent escaping the cold by prancing about on the stages in Key West. 
In fact we  don't  get to enough live plays. Work interferes and scheduling becomes a secondary consideration...and I'm sure this doesn't just happen in Key West. Besides that I'm not interested in musicals of which we get a lot. On the other hand I suspect musicals make much more money for the theaters than solid dramas so I don't begrudge them another rendering of Hair or Grease or Rocky Horror or whatever. 
I like looking at Key West through my lens, it takes away the noise of daily living, the stresses of work and it reassures me I have a stack of memories of this place. It's hard to believe I started this page on June 7th 2007 and here I am still finding joy on the streets just by observing shadows and light.
I'm not riding my scooter much anymore. No one would blame me after the Catastrophe but it isn't that directly. Partly I don't like modern traffic with so many distractions and so many drivers here unable to find their way, oddly enough. I would generate contempt and compassion fatigue were I to get knocked off again and I wonder how well my pelvis might be rebuilt for a second time. But aside from that I also want to spend more time with Rusty and my wife and less alone. Riding has always been a solitary pleasure for me and I simply don't feel like disappearing all by myself at the moment. 
Life changes and we change with it. I want to explore but to explore with a camera and no dog makes as much sense as a goldfish without a  bicycle...No wait...what I mean is...I guess I don't want to ride right now. That is all.