Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emma Street, Truman Annex

Lovely isn't it?

Truman Annex is a world apart, a gated community built specifically to separate the sheep from the goats.

This is a garden community with none of the irritations of the real Key West...

No bums, no chickens, no trash, and no spilt beer smell the morning after.

It used to be part of the Navy Base years ago and incorporates old naval buildings, the solidly built officer quarters now luxury condos and this beauty now a guest house

It used to belong to Uncle Sam:

The Little White house is in Truman Annex, the former Navy Commandant's home used by the Commander in Chief during Harry Truman's frequent visits. Little wonder the Annex got it's name.

It is peaceful enough but in claiming exemption from city short term rental restrictions the Truman Annex Master Property Owner's Association (TAMPOA) has opened the flood gates to groups of hard drinking visitors from time to time.

On the whole though this is an adult community, dog free except for residents, gates closed at ten o'clock at night and insulated from the chaos of Duval street crawlers.

The style, initiated by developer Pritam Singh, is Key West cute, including I was surprised to see this mock eyebrow home.

The overhanging roof didn't work as advertised and instead of flowing cool air through the home trapped hot air inside. Here it is reproduced and well air conditioned no doubt.

Ship's port holes...

...nice porches,

...and a stone's throw away, past the guard hut on Southard Street, the real Key West.

Hot sweaty and noisy. And exciting, much better to be a goat than a sheep in my estimation.

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