Sunday, April 28, 2019

Old Bahia Bridge

It was too much to hope for a bright sparkly sunrise with all the clouds overhead but a late cold front brought energizing cool air so we got energetic did Rusty and I.
I went bird spotting and he went looking for other things which he did not seem to find whatever they were.

And then the motorcycles went by on the highway and I was reminded I can ride again after seven months away.
 And I can walk gravel trails, at least some of them, even without my cane which I am trying to ditch to encourage me to walk straight.
The surgeon told me most of the physical improvement I will see will come in the first year of recovery so I am exercising like mad, walking Rusty and going to the gym to make my legs work properly.
 Walking provides opportunities for photography:

 And opportunities for Rusty:

 And what happened here I have no idea:

 King of the Castle:

 Hurricane Irma tore the area under the bridge apart. Now closed to people:
 The Old Bahia Honda Bridge: