Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I was at a a dinner with friends a few nights ago and someone brought up a neighbor's house which was identified by the high quality of the wreath on the front door. We  were told the passer by who was not at the table, did not know it was the home of a colleague until she saw the superb wreath. I am told she then knew exactly whose house it was as the occupant is renowned among those who know her for the quality of that quintessential Christmas door knocker.  Not the one shown below, by the way, a random wreath I saw on a walk...
When I was a child Christmas seemed uncomplicated but the older I get the whole business of celebrating the founder of a religion promoting material abstention by buying stuff becomes more and more problematic. I don't buy stuff for myself or anyone else just because it's the Solstice and I am certainly not going to buy stuff to follow in the footsteps of a man who told his followers to give up everything to be assured of getting to heaven.
I don't put decorations up either. My wife is Jewish and she takes a turn for the blue and white inasmuch as she decorates at all but I like to see all the lights this time of year. Happily Key West does just fine even without reindeer and inflatable Santas and all that stuff. Summer in winter covers a multitude of omissions:
Bright sunlight and lots of greenery makes for quite pleasant decorations for those of us unmotivated to get out the twinkly lights.
But yes, pine trees, Nordic decorations, snowflakes and a crisp flag does quite nicely for the time of year.