Friday, August 3, 2012

The View From The Bordello

The house pictured below caught my attention. Located on Caroline Street at Elizabeth it used t be rather untidy yet decorated with a hanging bicycle. Now it has fresh paint and carpentry.

It looked more like this next house across the street but it was part of the property owned by the scandal plagued conch Community Land Trust which bit the distribution and reverted it's properties to the city housing authority. One hopes low income needy residents will occupy the splendid new building appearing at the corner of Caroline and Elizabeth.

This sign below caused me a chuckle. By the time I walked back twenty minutes later the scooter was gone. My advice if you are visiting is to follow the posted signs. You never know what privilege locals may enjoy that will get an out of town vehicle towed.

The Red Door building on Caroline at William used to be a whorehouse years ago. Nowadays they sell charming clothes and have a little love seat on the porch which gave me a place to pause out of the heat.

Across the Street is the Home Depot of the boat outfitting world. West Marine is ubiquitous: there are stores on Stock Island, in Marathon and Key Largo covering every single island, pretty much. "Welcome Racers" refers I think to the January sailing races which bring teams of noisy, ill mannered racing sailors and their wealthy sponsors and owners to town. Race week is the week not to eat out as they reserve every table at every restaurant and force the entire room to overhear their sailing exploits recounted in painful detail. But they do bring money to town in January.

Scooter babe.

Idiot with a hang over, I hope.

I looked the over hung photographer with that fuzzy picture so I tried again and got a rear view which didn't improve it much. Were I reduced to intercourse with a plastic doll I should like to think I would be discreet about it.

The city commission has approved the construction of a brew pub at the former Waterfront Market and construction is underway. The mural is taking a beating and I don't suppose Wyland's work will survive.

Some people find it too hot to ride for the next few weeks but I never mind the heat. Fifty degrees is far too cold for me.

Buddy Owen's restaurant isn't air conditioned but this shortcoming doesn't keep customers away even in the summer. Go nude and keep the fans swirling...

Doves don't expect the comfort of a/c so they remain cool, observing it all from up above.

It's true: you'd be surprised what you can get used to if you...get used to it! I am in no hurry to get used to no air conditioning. Been there, done that and I prefer the air!

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