Monday, March 17, 2014

Key West Spring Break

I thought this poster at Smathers Beach pretty much sums up this weird tradition of college students getting a week off and spending it drinking in the sun. A Vespa, a babe, and a bottle of wine.
This year they are here in force though by all accounts they are remarkably well behaved. Spring Break court was initially set up to handle minor infractions by dishing out community service punishment to alcohol and public nuisance offenders but it proved unnecessary and they canceled the court.
It hasn't been especially hot but aside from some slight cloudiness and rain it has been quite lovely for the most part and the ocean is supposed to be around 77 degrees which is warm enough for heathen northerners to swim in. I'll wait till it's actually eighty eight degrees, thanks.
I am slightly allergic to crowds so my idea of a perfect day at the beach is more like this:
Of course she can't come on the beach so Smathers is less than perfect in any event:
I wandered down the beach trying not to feel like a dirty old man. As I pointed out to a friend I have reached the age where their mothers look more interesting to me. I never did like children.
A colleague pointed out a new sight on the beach: a stripper's pole. There were no performances in progress while I was there.
Not everyone was in a state of undress. I have no clue what these well dressed people were doing in the mayhem:
Later driving through downtown I stopped at Yebo Island Grill for a delicious couple of Bunny Chow dinners I took home to the wife. They were bread bowls filled with curried chicken topped with slices of banana and were entirely delicious washed down with a bottle of rosé collected on our last trip to the North Carolina wine country. Steve cooking up a storm:
At the corner of Angela and Simonton, my car filled with the fragrance of South African curry, I saw a group of pretty young things charming the pants off the firemen at Station Two, laughing and taking pictures. It looked delightfully small town.
I am really tired from working all the time and I am fed up with the long interminable lines of traffic on Highway One, caused I am told by the lack of hotel rooms this year forcing the well heeled young things to rent space to stay in Marathon. The overtime is nice for the money but I am exhausted from endless nights of work. It's just the way it is this time of year. I'm glad they are all being so well behaved, even as I can't wait for it all to end, the snowbirds to go back North and summer torpor to descend on the Keys, at least until schools get out and families start their invasion.