Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pancake On A Stick

A couple of weeks ago we visited the winter Artisan Market at Higgs Park and so it was this weekend we went back, this time well before they closed.
On our first visit we missed the weird pancake on a stick food which was why we made a beeline to the taste of Brazil.
My wife knows one of the workers at the stand and so she was able to confirm they had won the lottery and secured one of the sought-after spaces at the market.
My wife got the pancake with grilled onions in addition to meat and cheese and it was excellent. 
 We sat in the shade, sipped ice cold Cokes and listened to music suitable for our generation. It was exceptionally laid back and pleasant.
My lunch was a tapioca enchilada filled with cheese and ham and I should have asked for grilled onions. The pancake was of a firm consistency not strongly flavored, petty much as you might imagine tapioca flour to be. As a fan of tapioca pudding I was glad to know this stuff is "healthy" in the modern jargon. It tasted much better than that.
Since the accident I have not been drinking much alcohol at all, and thus my already feeble tolerance has slipped a few notches, but I was surprised by the reasonable prices on display at the event and they were doing a good business in the massive sweltering heat. 
Drinking at the market is fine but not outside. It is a very tolerant atmosphere and there was no one even remotely badly behaved at the market that I could see.
 Shade was welcome everywhere.
And I mean everywhere. Rusty was at home, far from the heat and madding crowds. He has a dog door and comes and goes as he likes, switching between shade, sun bathing and air conditioning. He likes to sit in the unfenced driveway and watch the world go by. Visiting the market would have been hard for him.
And they came and went from the bar. Resilient people. I like he heat at Latitude 24 but I do appreciate being able to enjoy air conditioning too. I am not at all like some of my friends and acquaintances who rejoice in living and driving in daily humidity. Stepping into a cool dark living room after a spell outdoors always pleases me.
I heard that yesterday was a day of record heat in the United Kingdom with the highest February temperature ever recorded of 68 degrees in Wales. Around here everyone has been noticing the high temperatures this February and highs all week should be above 80 with humidity to match. Okay be me as outlined above.
I have seen pictures of vehicles trapped in blizzards in the Upper Midwest but it is odd how one gets used to these conditions in the Keys being the norm year round. A friend of mine from Virginia is taking off today on a madcap journey to bring home to me a Suzuki Burgman he spotted online on sale in Texas for a ridiculously low price of $2000, and with only 400 miles on the clock. "You've got to have it" Eric said, as shipping would cost another thousand he offered to use his airline miles to fly to Houston and ride the scooter back to me by next weekend...Astonishing. His big worry is thunderstorms along I-10 as he rides East. I envy him the 1400 mile trip and can't wait to see him and the scooter next weekend. I won't be able to ride it for a while but I'll sit on it and make vroom vroom noises until I can.
My wife loves the pickle guys so that stop is required each visit. They had one really hot model that I incautiously tasted... I am not the asbestos mouth in the family.
Fresh bread is not something one eats every day at my house but we got some really decent homemade fish sandwiches out this ciabatta. 
 Fruit makes for great vibrant colorful pictures so I did.
 Take pictures of heirloom tomatoes...
 And passion fruit which oddly enough feel as light and insubstantial as ping pong balls. Who knew?
 A great day at the market followed by a movie (Stan and Ollie the tearjerker...)...
... and a reminder that just because we live in the Keys doesn't mean we can't get to see the fruits of agriculture on our doorsteps. Great stuff!