Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Dog Walk

We got Cheyenne a cage and she seems to like it. I don't, it creeps me out putting a dog behind bars in the living room, but I cannot argue with Progress and everyone uses these things nowadays. She likes riding the car- a lot- and we took her into town for dinner with friends at El Siboney yesterday evening. We got there early and that gave us time to go for a walk as dusk settled over the city. El Siboney was packed inside:
Christmas decorations make Key West quite magical, and I don't miss snow one bit. I like the bright colored lights:
The white lights that mimic icicles.
And in passing I noticed the pile of cement bricks that will soon become the Silver Palms motel, an eco-hotel for the 21st century. It will replace the El Rancho that was torn down here earlier this year, at Truman and Margaret:Cheyenne thought the piles of hotel laundry freshly minted by the Margaret Truman Laundry were fascinating, and I was glad they were securely wrapped in plastic:
I thought this construction trailer looked kind of sad, illuminated and occupied the night before the night before Christmas.
When you walk a dog you frequently end up inspecting trashy places at close quarters:
And this time of year you pass lots of brightly decorated homes:
Was that Santa's sleigh parked in front of the house? Hell no, it's just a scooter.
This wasn't his sleigh either, but I was glad to see he's modernized and uses a hack to get around:It seemed rather chilly to us, below 70 degrees (21C), but it wasn't at all frosty:
"Merry Christmas!" she shouted cheerfully as she glided past, her bicycle all illuminated for the holidays.Not particularly seasonal but I liked the golden shining square high up on the wall. It was evocative of something.
A sub-tropical Christmas is a lot more fun than you might think, with palm trees, short sleeves and not a drop of mud or ice in sight.
We had great fun, the wife the dog and I, just wandering around Margaret, Truman, Virginia and Catherine streets. My wife is getting ready to go to the Bahamas with some girlfriends for eight days on the beach, as it were. I am girding my loins for eight straight nights of dispatching in her absence, and Cheyenne, though she doesn't know it just yet will be sleeping in the back seat of the car at the Police Station while I work. Strangely enough she really likes the car and seems to feel secure in it. So this pre-dinner walk was a last chance to hang out and do nothing much together. After dinner we took the car to Whitehead Street where Cheyenne took a nap and we four humans went to see 12 Angry Men, a superb production at the Waterfront Playhouse. It was my first night out in two weeks and it was a great way to bid adieu to shingles, I hope. If you have a chance to see the play by all means go as I thought it deserved all the rave reviews it has received since opening night.

Duval Street seemed crowded on a cursory inspection:
I have no idea if they are shopping or just cruising but it was good to see a crowd out enjoying a cool breezy night under the stars. I hope they enjoyed theirs as much as we did ours.