Friday, November 6, 2009

Hunt's Lane

Hunt's Lane would be easy to miss if one were walking down Southard Street toward Mangia Mangia. The Italian restaurant is the building with the overhang visible in the back ground below.Hunt's Lane is a foot path between buildings overhung with greenery:
A porch overlooking the corner looks quite enticing from ground level. You will notice of course the usual light blue paint job on the ceiling to keep insects and spirits away as mentioned previously:A ground level porch wouldn't be bad either, except that none of them were in use on a lovely breezy, cool, overcast afternoon.By cool I mean 80 degrees (27C) but the wind was quite refreshing.Winter has much of the country in it's grasp but down here we are eying one more tropical storm, Ida which is currently ravaging the mosquito coast of Nicaragua. Hurricane season doesn't officially end until the 30th of November and not even then on some rare years when a storm can develop in December. This late in the season it's the warm waters of the Western Caribbean that has the energy to spawn tropical storms. Meanwhile in Key West, it's business as usual, warm and muggy and cooled by breezes. These are the kinds of metal roof that the Historic Architecture Review Commission has voted against allowing white mastic paint to be applied. These are the more modern kind that come in strips, the older ones look like fish scales. Louvered windows are Old Florida, par excellence, and that they are open shows there was a nice breeze flowing even in this hidden nook in the city:
So, the question is, what to do with those left over Fantasy Fest beads:
Hunt's Lane is quite delightful for lots of little reasons:I have mentioned previously that homes in Old Town Key West are of modest proportions and don't have much in the way of offsets from their neighbors. By way of illustration:
Celia has asked for pictures of mailboxes:And I like random pictures...randomly while I wander looking for things to photograph:
The lane dead ends here:And looks like this toward Southard Street:The best of Key West living, a quiet leafy alley.