Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Floods And Alarums

The unfortunate part about being swept by a tropical storm is that after it has passed you by some other underserving resident is in line to get swamped. That is the case with Tropical Storm Elsa now strengthening they say and moving on to the west coast of Florida where people are preparing according to people who know these things. In Key West you learn to cope with inconvenience:
Key West got its share of flooding, the usual streets where floods occur, no less annoying for being habitually flooded during "weather events." In the photo below, taken at Indigenous Park near the waterfront the electrical box on the left side of the picture is raised for the very reason illustrated by the flood waters of Tropical Storm Elsa's downpours.
It was windy in gusts but after the rain moved on people were out doing the usual after being cooped up indoors.
It's not often you get to surf in Key West as the reef tamps down the largest ocean waves. Some days the wind just pushes enough water to create an unusual scene off Higgs Beach:
The entrance to the pier was under water so I stayed on the drier land as i had several hours more work to do and doing it in wet shoes and socks did not appeal. However it was obvious, even from the yoga platform that the White Street Pier was getting pounded.
Smarter folks than I brought boots designed to wade floods:
Streets were closed but that didn't stop people from liberally spraying the underside of their cars with corrosive salt water:
I walked a couple of blocks back to my car and drove back to work to take more calls from people wondering if the Keys were evacuated- No- or of the highway was open -Yes- but when I saw video from the weather people I understood why the rest of the world thinks its worse than it was. Shock! Horror! Weather Drama!
Meanwhile the mails were getting through as normal, and the letter carrier when I stopped by to congratulate him on his perseverance smiled because we both knew people who think they have survived a tropical weather event have just been through some heavy rain and wind. Letters aren't delivered during true hurricanes, and life doesn't just go back to normal after the storm blows over.
I did not feel this lighthearted after Hurricane Irma hit the Keys in 2017. My first few pictures after Internet was somewhat restored: Irma and Higgs Beach.
In 2005 before smart phones or widespread digital cameras Hurricane Wilma flooded Key West horribly and in 2017 Hurricane Wilma blew 140 mph winds into the islands. Not much fun as I wrote then:
Higgs Park turned into a wading pool. There was a dog running around in the dog park too just as a reminder that outside the world of television, life is pretty normal here:
You'd think chickens would get wiped out but it is just a  passing misery for them. They all popped out quite happily after Hurricane Irma blew through town. They are survivors: 
All those preparations sometimes miss some detail. The hurricane drama spared this abandoned trash can which sat stoically through the devastation of a rain storm:
Businesses on Front Street were ready with sandbags because Front Street floods all the time when high tides and heavy rain coincide.
Not a post apocalyptic scene, just daily living in Key West. Just another golf cart leading a slow speed guided tour down a street: