Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night Pearl

Pearl Street at two o'clock in the morning. We're one block north of Truman Avenue, in that neighborhood known as the Meadows. It looks like Old Town, but it is not, it's a separate neighborhood. Looking toward Truman from Albury Street:There is something quite magical about standing around in your shirtsleeves on a January night (if you aren't wearing a mesh motorcycle jacket with armored padding) and listening to the sounds of silence.These old cement markers survive on many intersections though they could do with a lick of paint in most cases. The street name facing you is the name of the street...facing you!Modern homes looking good in the lights cast by the occasional street lamps. There are lots of picket fences around here and bigger barricades as well:I enjoy wandering at night because the mundane is rendered mysterious by the lack of light. This one, by way of contrast, illuminated by uncompromising flash: Spending money illuminating the porch all night is not a problem for some people, which is nice for me on the rare occasion I happen to be there in the night ready to snap a picture.
Burning the midnight oil:
Palms rising out of the gloom.
A porch ornament of exquisite colored glass:
More harsh flash photography:The Chabad of Key West, a very Orthodox Jewish outfit used to have their meeting place here, but they sold the land and moved to some place near the Key West Bight I think. Anyway the space got taken up by another of those developments "in the Key West style:"I find Pearl Street has it's subtle enchantments at night:
This house is made of unpainted Dade pine and I have photographed in daylight before now. It epitomises old Key West to me. A motorcycle in the driveway.
What more does one need ( if one doesn't have a dog)?