Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My wife and I were at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club on Stock Island, last Sunday afternoon, This was the view, as boats were coming home from a day on the water.The latest rain storm had blown through and the sun was back and so were the boats.At first I just wanted a couple of scenic boat pictures to round out my essay on an afternoon at the Yacht Club, but as more and more boats came up Cow Key Channel I saw the possibilities of turning my blog towards the waters around Key West, instead of the streets. Most of these pictures don't need commentary. In the distance the mangroves of Stock Island across the channel. This was a jet ski disappearing in it's own wake, somehow.
Cell phone use even in the rain squall.
A jet ski tour waiting for laggards.
I couldn't tell for sure, such was the distance, but this looked like a Coastguard cutter heading out into the Straits of Florida.
Cheap living on the hook in Cow Key Channel.
Commercial fishermen coming home.
This could be me in a few years if my wife abandons me.I wonder what the diving was like on such a rainy day. The names some people give their boats...
A beautiful sunset, on the water, in your boat. Not a care in the world.