Sunday, February 6, 2011

Olivia At Simonton

Olivia Street is one way outbound from deep in Bahama Village. On Whitehead Street it is marked clearly by the brick wall of the Hemingway House. Here at Simonton Olivia is flanked by two distinctive wooden houses. This one on the north corner.This one on the south corner. Not every narrow street is one way in Key West but Olivia is, outbound, which is to say away from Duval Street.Palms and picket fences, and it's a pity it's too expensive they say to bury electrical cables.Though you'd think they could have done it when they were digging up the streets and building the sewer system.
Royal palms are my idea of a relatively low maintenance attractive tree.This house was getting refurbished including the tin roof in the old style. Historic architecture guidelines for Old Town are quite strict.This rather large tree looked like it had skin.More picket fences and Conch cottages. This block of Olivia is quite picturesque. I haven't been to Seven Fish for dinner in ages but I very much like this restaurant.from the outside it's just another little white structure, on Olivia at Elizabeth.Looking back toward Simonton Street from Elizabeth.Simple bricks and spaces make quite an effect for a garden wall.I didn't have the nerve to enquire how much this rental might cost. A lot, I'm sure.
Somehow I caught the return of the seaplane flight from Fort Jefferson.
But this is what I was on Olivia to gawk at, beautiful homes and lush gardens.
And the white picket fences of course. Instead of being my back street escape from Duval Street, Olivia deserves more attention paid to it's own charms. It's a pretty spot.