Saturday, May 29, 2010

Night Crawling

I like to walk some nights during my lunch break and to do that I prefer the south shore of the island. I am not supposed to leave the city during my breaks which is no hardship as there is a fine sidewalk along South Roosevelt Boulevard for joggers, cyclists and midnight walkers. Summer nights here are quite lovely with a black sky overhead, black water alongside and not much traffic at all. This Harley Sportster lives out here, the wheels no doubt of a boater living in Cow Key Channel, which is the waterway separating Key West from Stock Island.riepe, who likes to call me CS either because he can't spell Conchscooter or because it is an effort to insult me, takes pleasure in looking for motorcycle riders who have bigger problems than he does,which is not easy. However Key West is home to many elderly vehicles and tired tourist wagons which like to regurgitate oil on the streets. Park a motorcycle on it, and if it isn't a BMW riepe thinks it leaks oil.
I am no great fan of using the flash. Here's why:When I'm not walking South Roosevelt and photographing my Bonneville, sometimes I walk the White Street Pier and watch the homeless nap and the anglers dangle their lines. This place on the other hand attracts not too many people doing things. This is a place for humans being, not humans doing. Walk, look, listen and enjoy the silence.
In a few hours photographers will have their tripods up and pointed east, walkers will be walking and joggers will be running and all that goodness. This half hour is mine, and I like it very much.