Monday, August 9, 2021


I took myself off on a lunch break with no real idea where i was going or what I was going to do; I simply wanted to be outdoors for half an hour.
My favorite part of town is the area around Fleming and Southard Streets filled with trees, attractive homes, shadows and light. However I had no idea what I was going to photograph. I looked up and saw a window framed by some trees, then I saw this:
The church on William Street is always worth a look, looking up:
I was interested in the wooden shutter over the gabled window in this elderly Dade Pine home and a plane flew overhead:
I started to get into the spirit of the gables all along William Street:
And then this heavily shuttered and shaded one:

This is another eyebrow house with the roof overhanging the top floor.  It was a design to allow air flow erven in the rain but all it ends u doing, reportedly, is trapping hot air inside the house. Nowadays eyebrow houses are decorative survivors and not practical tropical designs.

Below the example is of a Bahama shutter that leans out:
This white one below is an old Florida design, shutter and hurricane protection in one metal design:

The classic over the top roofline can also be seen along Duval Street if you remember to look up:
Proper hurricane shutters bolted in place denoting winter residents only in this place:
Similarly with solid wooden shutters:
And then back to work I went after surprising myself with an unexpected yet rewarding interest in small top floor windows. Key west takes time to reveal itself.