Friday, December 11, 2020

My Favorite Place

An early morning hint of sunrise as we cross Big Spanish Channel Bridge which connects Big Pine Key to West Summerland Key.
We found ourselves on the storm boundary with dark clouds heading towards us and a rising sun to the east, in front of us:
The gumbo limbos are coming back from hurricane Irma but they have lost their summer leaves for the moment:
Dark figures walking the shoreline must have arrived in the dark blue car parked nearby. They looked out to sea, silent shadowy outlines on the shoreline.
There is always something to see around the Old Bahia Honda Bridge. I met a photographer from Tennessee who sneaked out of her hotel as her family slept and came looking for pictures. She seemed surprised when I told her summer skies are more interesting and dramatic, and luckily there are fewer people around in summer. She thought high tourist season in the Keys is in summer. It wasn't a great morning for a first time visitor looking for a tropical sunrise with over the top colors.

As we waited for the rain to force us home I took advantage to ply the camera. 
I recently bought a lightly used camera to replace my rather elderly first model Panasonic compact. The LX100 mark 2 sells for $800 and I got mine for $500 with a nice clear viewfinder and more modern electronic processing than the original 2014 model which needed some repairs to the viewfinder and LCD screen. It seems like a bargain compared to a phone at twice the price...I try to tell myself as I don't much enjoy phone cameras.
Rusty still has the original nose he came with but he was more worried about the growling distant thunder than he was in finding things to check out.
We went home to reap our just desserts while the wind blew rain horizontally past the house.