Friday, January 8, 2021

Wild Chickens

I have had a rather mixed relationship with the wild chickens of Key West over the years. I find the fascination with them rather surprising until my wife pointed out that the   fact that chickens  are not normally seen wandering around towns in the US. I suppose that is true. This one was guarding a meal that went astray though I like to think he didn't recognize the meat as being of the genus gallus..
Florida Fauna
I have noticed over the years how chickens live on the streets in families, just like these seen below. The more you observe animals the more you come to understand they have similar feelings and we share many of those as well. 
Nevertheless wild chickens are noisy and messy as they live out their dramas on the streets of Key West and I suppose I am forced to accept they have earned their place in the panoply of tourist attractions. The recurring myth that they came here from Cuba still manages to irritate me but I suppose the tourists need to be fed some kind of an interesting line about these interlopers.
I should point out that they do have the capacity to create some interesting photo opportunities. Here witha  lounger and a coffee maker...
They are everywhere if you know where to look and even if you don't. For the best photo opportunities you can find flocks of hens and roosters in front of the post office on Whitehead Street. These I found near the Old Harris School on Southard.
Mallory Square has a contingent of them.
And when cold weather threatens they roost everywhere, just check the bushes.
If they improve the quality of your vacation they have done their job, I tell myself as I step over the piles of dirt and leaves they scratch out onto the sidewalks all over town.