Saturday, October 24, 2020

Turtle Kraals

The Cuban Coffee Queen shack near the waterfront has been a runaway success in a  town packed with coffee shops. This little spot is now the flagship take out place in a chain of three all across town. As usual I gave them no chance when they first opened years ago and I got it all wrong! They make a mean Cuban sandwich too.
Circling Schooner Wharf Bar is always an exercise in good hope for me. Like this guy on Lazy Way Lane one is likely to see people who find their own niche in a conformist world. There are fewer and fewer of them in this town but they tend to congregate around here during the day.
I see people who look happy and expectant though whether they are new to town and excited at the prospects or determined optimists who have met the bitter truth about life in paradise and are not set back by it, I wouldn't know.
These seem odd times to be out and about unprotected in crowds when walking is an effort.  I had my mask on to try to keep the stupid gene at bay and I ducked and weaved to keep my distance. 
If you get away from the tourist areas you will see people masking up as a matter of course when they head towards the entrance to a business, but among visitors the idea of being reminded of dreary daily living seems too much for most of them. 
On the waterfront, the views remain the same, the flags at the Schooner Wharf, the sunshine, it all looks the same as always. There is a certain reassurance in the view. If not now sooner or alter we will see normal again.
Turtle Kraals is gone and won't be back. They say the Boathouse is moving round here from the other side of the bight to occupy the space. Who knows how that will look.
I used to take breakfast here sometimes on my way to my job as a boat driver in the harbor. Sitting at an open window with a plate of eggs and the extraordinarily strong coffee they made was a memory that stuck. No digital photography in those days so I have no pictures.
They come and they go and the memories remain.