Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cold Front

A cold front blew into town yesterday and I got sprinkled slightly while out with Cheyenne. I took the picture on Little Torch Key around seven in the morning when the wind was starting to blow out of the north. I expected a much steeper drop in temperatures, and it certainly did cool off a bit but I was still in short sleeves when I drove to work yesterday evening. Drove because I figured a potential drop to 58 degrees overnight was probably a little too tough for me to bother to ride the wife's Vespa. Call me a wuss.

I have heard about all the snow and chaos Up North and I was figuring we were in for a doozy of a cold front but so far it's been okay. Actually it's been very pleasant, breezy sunny and cool but not cold. Just how winter should be.


Good Bye Sassi

The moment every dog owner dreads has come for Doug Bennett and Sassi his husky who was ill for a while and is no more.
"Sassi, my husky, has left the island. She will be missed greatly"
It never does get easier, I find.