Thursday, February 18, 2010


For some reason Blogspot is no longer notifying me of most comments made on my blog. I have comment moderation for older posts to try to limit gruesome spam but lately only Orin's comments on my current posts are forwarded to my e-mail account...I have not changed my settings so I assume Blogger is fouling up somewhere. Which also means I may not respond to some comments and thats not because I of anything other than that I may not have noticed them. It's been a while since Blogspot fouled stuff up so perhaps they have been busy making "improvements."
I hope things will return to normal soon.

Downtown Dusk

Duval Street as the sun goes down. Vacationers learning that scooters make sensible transportation:In the background the attractive droopy green fencing partially covering the hole next to the San Carlos Theater is still there and no signs of construction going on. Vagrants are coming in for lots of comments in the Citizen's Voice. Is this a "character" or a vagrant? You might be surpised in a town that doesn't glorify the trappings of wealth or fashion. Perhaps I don't look like an easy mark but I am never bothered by bums downtown. I get the feeling that as time goes by and the economy doesn't bounce back we will see more and more human suffering and those voluntary bums who choose life on the streets will be a minority, and more of us will face the economic breakdown that knocks us out of the middle class. In the meantime I cling to my middle class lifestyle and enjoy every minute of it. Riding with my armpits showing is not my wallflower style: This dude looked like he should be in Seattle or someplace rainy and cold. Oh wait, that would be the Keys these days.
It's not very American to hang on the sidewalk and chat is it? It happens all the time in Key West. Had my wife not been with me I might have been tempted to go and rent the mannequin. I wonder what they expect you to do with it?
Old Town Mexican Café offers outdoor seating and lots of it. Hope you are enjoying the snow Up North.A man of taste. A man of lesser taste. Actually I'm not sure I'm man enough to actually own and ride a T120 Triumph. I like motorcycles that start, go and stop on command.Dust catchers anyone?My wife is ragging me to get new crocs as mine are worn out. I am not going to switch to orange. I think you need white legs to offset the color properly.Automated teller machines. One is Bank of America, the other is Keys Federal Credit Union. One is too big to fail the other is a normal business. Ashley was rushing home from her shift at a Duval Street restaurant. I hope she was going to spend our tip wisely.Everyone loves the notion of "island time" that mythical attitude that says in modern Key West not showing up to work is okay. I want to try it out at my work. "Sorry. The Key West Police Department is currently closed. We should be open again soon. Good luck." My wife smiled when she saw this hurriedly scribbled note. I hope whatever it was, wasn't serious.Flowers which I am sure have a name but as I don't know what it is I shall call them "Fred."Whoops! I guess the Parking Department was not closed...We parked the kennel on Elizabeth Street and walked. That's because there are no meters out there. Actually I still see lots of available parking in Old Town, which surprises me when I hear so much bitching about parking. The ability to walk a few blocks helps.You could be coming home to this after a hard afternoon's drinking and talking on Duval Street: Or this could be your inordinately expensive Old Town apartment: The wife and I got in the kennel, and because I had drink taken, she drove. I applauded this sentiment on first noticing the sentiment. "I wish more people would do that!" I said, thinking about all the times I answer 9-1-1 and wonder what the caller was thinking......then I saw the gun and I wondered why anyone would boast about pretending to be a vigilante. Better to call 9-1-1 and get professional help is the only conclusion I would draw.The beauty of a night off and an evening drive down the Overseas Highway with my family. I think Highway One at night has it's own particular beauty. Everyone should get to see it once.