Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Off Line

I don’t do well when I’m ill. I like to be coddled and fussed over so at least on that front my wife does me proud and enjoys making soups and mixing flu powders while pulling blankets up around my neck.  My dog does his best but he does get impatient when walks become short or scarce.  All this because there's a bug circulating around the Lower Keys and it is prostrating people by turn.  In my kind of desk work these things circulate easily. Despite our best endeavors with wipes and hand washing.  I thought I had got away with it and then the cold weather closed in and for some reason cold weather weakens my resistance. So here I am snuffling housebound and watching wind and rain sweep the last frost free corner of North America.

Nasty weather doesn’t last around here, by next week we will be back in the 80s by day and above 70 by night. For now I am shaking off my cold hopefully in another twenty four hours when I will be able to get out and see what’s going on. It’s always fun to see people bundled up and white caps on the waves when winter storms blow through.  

For now we are laid up snuffling and feeling sorry for ourselves.   Pathetic.