Saturday, October 31, 2015

Locals' Parade

They call it the Masquerade March because Fantasy Fest is organized by a private company and sales make festivities. Everyone else calls it the Locals' Parade. Its one of my favorite parts of the week of bacchanalia called Fantasy Fest but zombie  bike ride is rising in the standings, if only I had been off this year for the ride I'd have liked to have seen that in person too.
The parade set off early at 4:57 precisely yesterday afternoon from the Frances Street entrance to the cemetery.

I did not see  a particularly witty or colorful set of costumes anywhere where I was standing. There was a solid flow of people more or less in fancy dress. I took 70 pictures and culled what I could. 

 And the ubiquitous bloody telephone spoiling whatever  effect the costume brought to the parade down Frances Street:

I do not want to be part of the parade unlike this visitor:

Cecil the Lion was not forgotten:

 Kids  welcome:

Time to go to work, but the sidewalks are not quite ready for some guy dressed in street clothes looking like someone not all dressed up. This time of year be surprised by nothing you see in Key West:
 And there was  lots to see, heads swiveled all the time...
Pleasant low  key Fantasy Fest and at least this is not all about nudity,  an afternoon stroll under an 80 degree sun.
 Oh, and hoola hoops too, when you least expect them....
And some faceless dude marching down the street going God knows where.  "As you do..." I said and they agreed. But remained faceless.