Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Burned Out Home

It has been a while since my neighbor' house burned down across the canal. I figured the passage of time makes it easier to write about this fiasco.

There isn't much to say, except that to look at the pictures of the writhing wreck of a home is a reminder of the power of flames. The home owner is elderly, she was at home at the time and escaped thanks to an alert neighbor with a ladder who helped her down over the deck away from the flames. The cause apparently seems to have been electrical in nature.Cheyenne woke my wife up, I wasn't home at the time, and when she went out to see why the dog was agitated she saw flames across the water and burning embers floating onto our home. She took our garden hose and watered down our decks and the dock (our roof is made of metal).It was, she says, spectacular and the smell of incinerated home lingered over the canal for days.I have been finding pieces of charred paper all round our house tucked away in the bushes and trees.Apparently there was no insurance on the home.The burned out shell lingers on in limbo. A stark reminder how fast our fortunes can change.

It isn't just hurricanes that tear things down around here.