Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A few shots of some rooflines that appealed to me on a recent walk.

Winter can be hell if you don't like temperatures in the 80s.

Take a seat on your winter porch and watch the world go by.

This is Key West so the theory is the whole world will eventually come by and say hello.

Take your pick of small homes and you'll be wedged into Key West.

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Bahama Village Stroll 1

I spent some time walking Bahama Village checking out the streets that over the centuries have seen little change overall but always see changes in daily increments.

Construction nationwide may be flagging despite the so called economic recovery but home repairs and construction in Key West seem to be booming still.

The cruise ships still call on the city and even as the debate about widening the harbor channel to accommodate huge new ships grasps the city by the throat, the "small" older ships with a mere 3500 passengers each, continue to unload humanity onto Key West's waterfront.

Backers of channel widening want the city to raise 5 million to study the thirty million dollars needed to actually widen the channel. Grant money they say will bring us ships capable of hauling 6,000 passengers each. One quarter of the permanent population of the city. Just what we need I'm sure.

Ignore the guard shack when driving to the Truman Waterfront through the Truman Annex. Sound advice for transiting the Truman Annex which is not actually East Berlin and thus not allowed to prevent access on a city street through it's property. Not as long as the Navy tells them to behave.

Walking up Southard toward the Green Parrot I noticed several nicely decorated homes. I don't generally think of wreaths as year round decoration.

But other people do, to nice effect.

I also passed a bicycle shop new to me. Key West is a vibrant economy and I doubt these customers came off the nearby cruise ship. There are so many elements that make up Key West's tourist economy it seems odd to me that civic leaders want to weight the scales so heavily in favor of one piece of the whole tourism pie.

But the way Key West handles tourism is an endless circular debate, passionate and aggravated like any other civic issue.

I have no idea what a couple's massage might consist of but this is real massage not a whorehouse posing as a back rub store front. Does one sit and watch one's other half getting rolfed? I think I'd rather read a motorcycling magazine as awful as that sounds.

If this Chinese scooter were fast it wouldn't need to proclaim it. Chinese exports are down Bloomberg Financial tells us. Get your Xhongxhing scooter while you can...They are all over Key West.

This is, I think a model T and all American at a time when thatmeant all components were built and assembled in the actual USA. Very splendid I'm sure, and so far from achievable today they insist, though I disagree. If we cannot build things at home, what's the point?

What struck me, on Mickens Lane, aside from thel ack of air conditioning was how this 80 year old logo looks identical to that on my 2007 Fusion.

I discerned a no parking instruction here below. Why one would want to park in a tree, and what one might park there I'm not at all sure.

I got more pictures on my walk and this meander through Bahama Village on a hot winter morning will be continued tomorrow.

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