Thursday, April 9, 2020

Walking Alone

I was reading a  discussion on a  photography forum about how to use one's camera in these days of limited mobility. As the group has a worldwide readership it was quite interesting to see some Australians claim they are not allowed to use cameras when getting their daily exercise.  The state of Victoria has apparently outlawed photography, perhaps on the grounds that people might stand around in public pretending to exercise while indulging their artistic sensibilities.
Here in Florida you can go boating as long as you don't anchor in a  crowd, you can fish but not from bridges for fear of creating crowds, you can hunt and walk as long as not in crowds and you can even crowd each other out while praying. Oddly enough some European countries don't allow you to drive to a quiet place to get your exercise and you have to walk only in your neighborhood. That sounds daft to me as the main street in my subdivision is crowded with dog walkers, but look at this back road:
I have increased my circuit of trails and back roads in order not to bore my dog, or myself, and to look for things that catch my eye. The travel restrictions have emptied the Keys and now whether I am walking the mangroves or the city streets I find more time to look and see uninterrupted.

I am reminded of those children who prefer to invent their own toys rather than play with store bought items. Many roads have broad shoulders and thick impenetrable scrub and as unappealing as they appear close up I enjoy my time here as much as Rusty seems to. I feel lucky to live here in these hard times. I don't envy apartment dwellers and urban victims of lock down restrictions.
To be alone; it's a wonderful thing.