Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stormy Weather And A Palm

Dawn over Marathon, and I was standing in one of my favorite places in the Lower Keys overlooking the old Bahia Honda Bridge.

It's been windy for so long I was quite surprised the waters were that flat.

It never did rain but as daylight seeped across the seascape the thick dark clouds looked decidedly menacing.

Little wonder this is one of my favorite spots along the Highway between the Seven Mile Bridge and Key West.

It is an iconic palm from any angle.

The abandoned pump station still stands guard over the old 1942 water pipe installed by the Navy to bring water to the far flung World War Two Base in Key West.

And my dog took a break up the hill, keeping an eye on my welfare from behind some cover.

We keep an eye out for each other, Cheyenne and I.

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