Wednesday, April 28, 2021


It felt like a summer day all heat humidity and sunlight. Overhead the clouds were big and puffy, which I believe makes them of the cumulus type and they were being pushed by a breeze that was cool to the skin even at ground level.
My wife was working but I had the day off and Rusty had let me sleep in so the mangroves appeared to be our destination. I follow Rusty's lead on these occasions and he led me away from his usual haunts and sat and a looked and I wished he had the power of speech.
My compromise was to take him to the end of the paved road and let him decide for himself if the location appealed. It did.
He was intent running back and forth with his nose down while I took my cloud gazing.
I had hoped for bright reflections on the water but the sun was too low in the sky, so we did our best.
Summer is the time to be alone in the Keys, families storm the beaches and the attractions, but the snowbirds with their bicycles and kayaks are heading north now and the backroads are much quiter.
Manatee swallowed a mailbox. When my wife first saw one of these twenty five years ago when we lived in California she figured we could load one in the back of the car and haul it back to our California home where manatees are unknown. For some reason she didn't follow through which now that I think about it is a shame as I could have collection of pictures of fiberglass manatees in strange places along I-10. Come to think I could load one in the back of the van for future photo opps....
The clouds were boiling in the sky reminding there is something good to look at in the months of heat and heavy rains.
I am terrible at discerning shapes in the clouds but I do like watching them boil in the sky, like mountains coiling up on themselves.
The best way to do this is to lie flat on your back and listen to your dog panting.
No one was around so I figured I could get away with doing something you aren't supposed to see. I prefer lying on the asphalt as it is smoother and I enjoy the massage-like heat on my back b ut in order to be sensible I stretched out on the verge, not a bad compromise.
Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I got comfortable two old geezers, older even than me, came pedaling slowly by discussing a neighbor's character flaws at the tops of their voices until they saw me and asked as they rode if I was okay. I had sat up at this point to reassure them so I did the same with my voice and they came back a few minutes later by now used to me and ignoring me. Their irritating neighbor was not improving with time apparently as they had no compunction about discretion. I wonder who it was?
This next picture I took  out of boredom and had no expectation of posting it. When I looked at the picture I saw Rusty framed by my legs; it was an act of sheer brilliance and forward thinking and not a chance photograph at all. I suppose if you take enough some few must come out okay.
I used to cloud watch as a child and the habit has stuck with me though I am one of the happy few it seems.  A car came by bearing a  business logo with the fearful proposition that they might be the people to call to unblock your drains. He stopped and asked if I was okay.  
Oh yes I said I am very well thank you, a day off, a happy dog, a few clouds and hardly anyone passing by at all. How could I not be okay?
Later I met Rachel and Hunter and Rusty whined piteously to be let out of the car and after they played for a few minutes they each went their separate ways sniffing different clumps of grass. Rachel had to changed a wheel on her golf cart which seemed a chore I should offer to help, being a strong man and everything. She waved me away, indicating she gets as much pleasure from doing a chore as I get from cloud gazing. There is no accounting for taste.