Friday, July 16, 2021

Shades of Downtown

I was not in the mood to go out into the noonday sun but I went anyway as the alternative was to sit on the couch and space out or worse, take a nap. The trouble is I like naps but it was a bright sunny day and I wanted adventure.
As adventures go it wasn't anywhere close to my definition, "an undertaking with an uncertain outcome" as I was pretty sure I'd end up back at my desk an hour later.
So I fiddled with the settings on the camera and chose square format in back and white to make me work.  With the red filter deployed the sky turned a satisfying shade of dark. The beauty of digital photography is the filters are all in the camera electronically. Press a button whoosh you can have red yellow or green at will.
It was a s hot as it looks actually. Downtown surrounded by buildings the cooling breeze is not like it is in the mangroves. 
I choose to walk on the shady side of the street in summer. It's like they say about a good parking spot for a Floridian, that's always the parking space in the shade.
People seem to enjoy walking up and down Duval Street and I keep hoping I shall enjoy ti more but really I don't. 
She didn't seem to mind sitting there with a bull in her lap:
Three bars in one building:
I made my way off Duval Street and walked into Truman Annex for some peace and greenery. "Coming in hot" the scooter rider shouted so I stepped off the sidewalk(!) into the grass. 
The Presidential Gate on Caroline at Whitehead. They are traditionally only opened for US Presidents in town. President Truman used to stay in Truman Annex when it was a Navy Base and his car would trundle in and out of here. There's a replica you can rent apparently somewhere in town. The car I mean, not the President.
Like I said, find your spot of shade and stick to it.
Everyone was hunting for shade.  I once had a memorable encounter with someone at this very corner, a stranger who accosted me as I walked back to the car late one night after a movie at the Tropic. He tried to ask for directions but before he could finish, or start really, he vomited copiously very near my shoes so as I leapt back to avoid splatter (successfully) he pirouetted in a  drunken faint clutching the wall and sliding to the ground nicely mopping up his own mess. Late night movies haven't held the same attraction since.
Back to Saint Paul's shining like a beacon of sanity on an insane street.
Into my car with ten minutes to get back to work. The journey was not aided by those foul golf carts holding up traffic and crawling like oversized tortoises in the middle of the road.
I still got back in time.