Saturday, June 12, 2021

Duval Night

Bar  debris proving the night before was a commercial success. 
I wonder what all refers to?
I got a complaint at work that neighbors were leaving trash cans on the sidewalks. I referred them to city inspectors for such things. I don't call in complaints when Rusty and I are walking around town.
There's a new chain store on Duval Street so I took a  photo to remind myself to look it up. Branches in Oklahoma and Key West. It's a place that sells food to go in picnic plates or some such. When you thought you'd seen everything...
Dawn coming up all blue behind the Pier House. 
More faint dawn light, the blue hour, over Key West harbor. The east winds that are persisting nicely this year make being outdoors really lovely and fresh. Good sleeping weather, except my dog wakes me up even on my days off.
Very temporary tattoos as evidenced by the brown paper door covering. Post pandemic life.
One day I shall list every single alley off Duval Street. Or maybe I shan't, there are so many.
Back to bed and to sleep.