Thursday, October 15, 2020

Frances Street

I have never driven a golf cart for any distance, outside a parking area nor I do nurture any ambition to do so. The thing is for people not keen on bicycles or scooters but who want some alternative to their cars a golf cart can seem quite fun. I suppose. Tourists love them. I don't.
Key West
Some people keep them as town cars and their small size helps in Old Town but on the main roads across New town they are a menace as they are limited to 25 mph on 35 mph streets. At least one has to concede the electric models are silent and environmentally clean
Florida Keys
Bicycles make more sense as they are well able to slide around town not getting tangled in traffic but I found my brush with an electric bicycle only worked in urban settings. In suburbia where I live the electric bike was heavy and slow and not as useful living as I do along a stretch of highway. 
Key West Bicyclist
I like walking as it keeps me out of the traffic flow and encourages me to stop and ponder and look around and amble without too much purpose. I look up and I see tree limbs stitching patterns.
Florida Keys Tree

Key West
I am a small minority when it comes to golf carts and bicycles. Ignore me; everyone else loves them.
Key West, Florida