Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset

I am not going to wax philosophical about sunrises and their counterparts the sunsets because that would be cheesy, however I will say that if you want to get a reaction on Instagram all you have to do is post a picture like one of these. People feel moved to profound emotions by the colors of the daily drama.
 I took these three with my iPhone and regretted not carrying my big camera with me that particular morning. Rusty was running up the trail in the distance, I was dredging my waterproof Crocs through the high tide pools with determination and all around me was that most appealing light, the almost daylight of dawn above the Torch Keys.
They call them the Torch Keys (Little, Middle and Big Torch) owing to the torch wood trees, a hardwood said to burn long and bright when used in firewood which it never is nowadays what with petroleum and electricity. 
 Then it was the end of the day and the next two pictures I got with my big camera from the deck around my house. Before Irma blew through there were no open water views here but thanks to the 140 mph winds the empty lot to the west of us is now exposed and open. My wife likes it a lot, looking out on Cudjoe Bay.
 Not bad at all I suppose, as these things go.

The Shady Side Of The Street

A few random shots from the streets of Key West. A reminder that Hurricane Irma wrecked Big Pine, not Key West.

 Chuck's daughter painted these bicycles.
 He's long gone but the bikes are still here.
 Higgledy piggledy scooter parking.
It must be winter when the bright sparks are in town.