Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Old Town Villas

It's on the corner of Simonton and Greene Streets and the address is the mid 100 block of Simonton. It's growing like a mushroom. It's going to be luxury living. 
 From the prospectus:
Old Town Villas at Key West is a Caribbean inspired community in the heart of Key West. These luxurious townhomes are designed to blend the classic Key West Old Town style with a modern upscale atmosphere. Attractively located at the epicenter of Key West living, the Old Town district is recognized as the tourist,entertainment, and shopping center of Key West, with sporting and other recreational water activities merely steps away.
They are listed at prices between $1.5  and $1.75 million so even in Key West these do not rate as affordable housing for worker ants.
On the other side of the coin I am tempted to wonder what someone who plunks down effectively two million dollars for a 2600 square foot townhouse is going to demand in terms of privacy serenity versus the nonchalant scruffiness that is a hallmark of this "epicenter of Key West living.
I mean these millionaires will be safely gated but outside they will face  bums and spilled beer which is the essence of the epicenter of lower Duval Street a couple of blocks away. Come Fantasy Fest they will have some eye popping views of Key West living in the buff too.
Location location location gets a different meaning in Key West. I have found that people who love Key West  from a distance, on vacation get a bit testy when they choose to live here even part time on extended vacations and discover their high price of entry doesn't guarantee them respite from the daily aggravations of a community that tries, in the face of nationwide conformity, to live and let live.
Tourists in Key West are mostly to be seen wandering the streets in beach clothes and intoxicated to one level or another. This isn't  yet Naples on the west coast of Florida where fashion, good taste and boredom greet visitors to that beach town.
I fear the consequences of more luxury homes in a town that makes almost no effort to provide for the people who not only work here but give the town color and flavor. There used to be no Starbucks and now there are...I've lost count....four with another on the way. Cuban coffee shops  still do well here happily but chain stores of every description supplant local shops. 
Mine is a useless lament. Money talks and the chicken walks, for now.
Do you suppose our twenty new millionaire neighbors want chickens and raggedy eccentrics frightening them? I have my doubts. Even though this parking lot attendant exhibits about as much personality to me as  a stalagmite he has  his place in town. I hope I don't irritate him walking by and saying good morning. I hope this scruffy expensive parking lot survives the transformation and with it his job.
I'm not hopeful.