Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Tool

I realized last week as I was starting to prepare for the arrival of the tropical storm that I could use a new tool in my preparation arsenal. In fact it was long overdue: the humble hand truck.

I ordered it last Friday at the Ace hardware store on Summerland Key and it arrived yesterday morning, $35 and sturdy and simple as I wanted it. You can get trucks with all sorts of bells and whistles but when I was an LTL truck driver I came to depend on my hand truck and I learned then that sturdy and simple are the qualities most necessary when moving stubborn weights around. Cheyenne agrees.

It's dreary but the truck was made in China, Taiwan at least but not in the US, as usual. The Republicans seeking the presidency worry about our religious beliefs and denying us abortion and health care, yet full employment? What an esoteric uninteresting concept!

Some assembly was required, a wheel two washers and a cotter pin, easy enough.

Except - I had to leave out the inside washer on the second wheel as the hole didn't line up...I was rather relieved as the Chinese made hand truck was slightly defective. I'd just read a glowing review of the new CFMoto 650 motorcycle coming from mainland China and I was glad to see even a simple hand truck from the Far East isn't perfect. I have no doubt they will swamp us eventually with I industrial products made properly but not yet.

Even with only three washers the hand truck made everything simple as I moved the garden back to it's proper place.

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