Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shadows And Light

The  blue  skies and white clouds captivate me in the morning. I took these pictures around seven and I watched the sun come up creating silhouettes all round me on Ramrod Key. Cheyenne hadn't walked for a couple of days so she was ready to stump along  pausing only to let me focus the phone.
This cloud CJ on Little Torch called Godzilla on his Facebook page, a fact I noticed only after I posted this picture as well. I noticed the towering thunderhead, a frequent sight on normal wet summers, driving over the Niles Channel Bridge from Summerland Key and by the time I got out of the car it's height was masked by the trees.
I rarely see shapes in clouds, but this one I saw as a ballet dancer doing a passe, one leg crossed and arms akimbo. Minutes later it was gone, blown to eternity, caught by my lense for one brief moment.
Walking down the street behind my sniffing dog and the sky was almost entirely clear of clouds.
The morning was warm, in the low 80s but I wasn't sweating in the low humidity, and the mosquitoes for some reason (Mosquito Control?) were busy elsewhere. It was a good morning to walk.
I know some people like to see yellow leaves and red hillsides and brown forests this time of year but for me the endless summer of tropical green suits me fine.
Five Brothers Two, the Cuban grocery well known on Southard Street in Key West was closed but the inside light was on throwing a golden glow into the parking lot.
The drive home in sunlight  was delightful. This time of year traffic is often surprisingly light and I'm glad of that.
The first snowfall Up North will bring them down. In droves. Oh well.