Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Driving The Lower Keys

I have no particular beef with cyclists, I ride a bicycle myself from time to time, though not compressed into spandex clothes. Not being smart does bother me and cyclists get run over all the time in Florida, more so in Key West than elsewhere. Considering how distracted drivers will be in their cages I think it is either very foolish or desperately optimistic to think that riding the white line on the shoulder is the best possible place to be on a Florida Highway, especially when the Sunshine State has placed a perfectly serviceable path at your service for your exclusive use. This guy gets a Darwin Award:
Enough of that, time to pause to enjoy the view while not running down a cyclist:
And there is the sewer work, continuing on, now between  Summerland and Big Pine Keys, not disrupting traffic  though the bike path is torn up.
I cannot help but think that twenty years ago the much wealthier Federal Government tried to persuade the Keys to do the sewering with less local cost and nothing came of it. The bonds to cover the cost now will amount to 200 million dollars and about seven thousand dollars a household for the hook up amortized over the years. It needed to be done then for maximum reef benefit. Better late than never.