Monday, July 12, 2010

Simonton Lane

Simonton Lane is not a heavily traffic'ed lane, indeed just walking by you might think it was a driveway. It's next to the unusual cement house on Simonton Street, which has a transient rental license apparently:
I find the labeling on Key West mail boxes amusing, but I am easily entertained I guess. But I am not alone in my family in finding the little things that keep life interesting.
As usual I have no idea what it's called but it looks cool.And check out that bougainvillea hiding out in the upper reaches of a tall tree.
If you were thinking of scaling the tall fence in the hope that it was actually a public access, this ugly sign should set you straight.The sign is ugly, the port hole isn't.Another sign tacked to this magnificent tree is to warn you that if you park here your car will be towed.I wanted to know what was under the tarp but I resisted the urge to peek.
I want a door like this, see out and not be seen in.
There are more guest houses than you can throw a stick at in Key West. I've never heard of this one, for instance. A European pot for a touch of the exotic.
An exhausted Labrador, resting. This house design looked odd to me, the peaked roof and the fancy door with a blank wall and blank windows in between.

Pretty little lane.
Really, it does look more like a driveway than a public street.