Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bridle Path At Night

A lunch break on a night I felt well rested so I took the time to visit South Roosevelt Boulevard.
 It was windy and noisy and fresh and not quite cool. 
 For just about an hour I left the cacophony of 911 calls behind.
 I hadn't even brought my Lumix camera to work so all I had was my iPhone 6 in my pocket. 
 I walked on the path where once upon a time Key Westers exercised their horses.
 I brought one of my Vespas on my trailer to Jiri on Stock Island for a service.
 I dropped the Vespa off on my way to work and drove the car on my lunch break.
 There was no traffic at all so I stopped and took a picture, mid flight on the road:
And so to work. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!