Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Key West Scenes

I have noted the massive gentrification underway in Key West, a new generation of wealth has displaced the bohemian artists and counter culture refugees hiding out in Key West.This gentrification is also expressed by a very modern drive at visible self improvement as this is a city that seems to encourage more public exercise routines than I have seen previously.
It is no longer enough to attempt to live one's most bizarre dreams in daily life, nowadays self improvement and healthy living is the thing. I saw one scooter rider across Truman Avenue with an eye on staying alive by not riding and phoning at the same time. 

 Someine has to keep the picket fences looking fresh for the influx of visitors.
Can you imagine swimming  next to Virginia  street? It just struck me as weird. Rent a place with a pool that has you sunbathing by the pool in the public eye. There really isn't much land in Key West.
These two were shouting a running commentary as they pedaled down Virginia Street. I assume it was the usual stuff - except it was in German so who knows what really caught their eye. 
The end of Flagler Avenue at South Roosevelt is one of those spots where candidates for office post their signs. And then there's Todd Snider who is not an actual candidate but a musician with a date in town a couple of days ago.
Folk Legend Todd Snider Takes the Stage in Key West Nov 1 & 2
On Tuesday, November 1, we’re beyond excited to team up with COAST ( to bring you the first of two amazing shows with singer, songwriter, storyteller and all-around cool dude, Todd Snider.
Snider, a self proclaimed “tree hugging, peace loving, lazy-ass hippie” has called many places home — Portland (OR), Austin (TX) and most recently East Nashville, Tennessee where he’s become a true folk songwriting legend in a town filled to the brim with musicians just trying to make it.
But oddly enough, Todd’s big break came in the mid-1990s by way of Key West (kind of) when our island’s own most famous troubadour — a guy by the name of Buffett — discovered him, took him on the road, and signed him to his label — (
The rest, they say is history.